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Ltd “DLV” Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy Principles


In Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy Principles in Ltd “DLV” (hereinafter - Privacy Policy) is described the order, in which Ltd “DLV” processes Personal Data. Privacy Policy full version is available here -


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1. Personal Data sources, categories and types


Client Personal Data sources: Personal Data can be obtained from Client, from services, that Client uses and external sources, for example, from public register and publicly available information.

Categories and types of Personal Data that can be obtained, but not only these:


Identification Data, for example: name, surname, personal ID, date of birth, sex, photography, identity document data (for example, passport or ID card data).


Contact information, for example: declared and actual address, phone number, email address.


Financial data, for example, Client’s bank card information for deposit to make bets; Client’s bank account number for withdrawals from winnings.


Data received and / or created by fulfilling the obligations prescribed in regulatory acts, for example: data that are revealed from information requests received from investigative bodies, certified notaries, tax authorities, courts and bailiffs.


Feedback data, which are obtained when Client visits Ltd “DLV” gaming halls or websites, on which Ltd “DLV” provides services, or Client contact Ltd “DLV” via phone, email, messages and other means of communication, for example: social media, data that is received when the Client visits Ltd “DLV” sites or contact with Ltd “DLV” through other channels, as well as visual and / or video recordings (image of the Client during video shooting).


Data related to services, for example: received services, paid winnings, submitted applications, requests and complaints.


2. Personal Data processing purpose and reason:


2.1. To perform legal obligations and to verify Client identity 


2.2. For general management of relations with Client, to provide and manage access to services


2.3. For Client and Ltd “DLV” protection


2.4. To prevent overuse of services and for proper ensuring of services


2.5. To establish, implement and protect the rights of claim


3. Profiling, personal offers and automatic decision-making

Profiling is automatic processing of Personal Data that is used to evaluate certain personal characteristics of Client. Profiling is used to provide analysis and consultation of the Client, for direct marketing purposes, to make automated decisions, for example: for risk management, provision of remote services, including monitoring of services, in order to avoid fraud, and it is based on the legitimate interests of Ltd “DLV”, discharge of legal obligations, discharge of the service (contract) or Client’s consent.


4. Personal Data Receivers

Client agrees that Personal Data can be transferred to other recipients including institutions, but not only, for example, law enforcement agencies, sworn court officers, sworn notary offices, tax departments, supervisory authorities and financial investigation institutions.


5. Geographical area of processing

Personal Data processed in territory of European Union / European Economic Area (EU / EEA)


6. Duration of storage

Duration of storage of processed Personal Data may depend on contract with Client, legitimate interests of Ltd “DLV” or applicable regulations (for example, laws on accounting, archives, prevention of money laundering, criminal proceeds, statute of limitations, civil law, etc.).


7. Rights of Client as data subject


7.1. request to correct his Personal Data if it is inappropriate, incomplete or inaccurate;


7.2. object their Personal Data processing if the use of Personal Data is based on legitimate interests, including profiling for purpose of direct marketing (for example, obtaining advertising offers and participating in surveys);


7.3. request to delete his personal data, for example, if processing of personal data carried out on basis of the consent and Client recalls his consent. . This right does not apply if processing of Personal Data, removal of which is requested, is performed on other lawful grounds, , for example, on the basis of contract or obligations resulting from relevant normative acts (for example, the Law on Prevention of Legalization of Proceeds from Crime and Financing of Terrorism) or in other cases specified in the Regulations;


7.4. to limit his Personal Data processing in accordance with applicable regulations, for example, while  Ltd “DLV” assesses whether Client has right to delete his data;


7.5. to receive information about whether Ltd “DLV” processes his Personal Data, and if it processes, access it;


7.6. receive his Personal Data that was provided by Client and processed on basis of agreement and execution of the contract, in writing or in any of the most commonly used electronic formats, and, if possible, transfer such data to another service provider (data portability);


7.7. recall his agreement on Personal Data processing, if Personal Data were provided to Ltd “DLV” with Client’s consent;


7.8. not to be subjected to fully automated decision-making, including profiling, if this decision may have legal consequences or, if something in a similar way, can affect the Client. These rights are not valid if decision is necessary in order to conclude or perform contract with Client, if  decision is permitted in accordance with applicable regulations, or if Client has given his explicit consent;


7.9. make a complaint about use of Personal Data in State Data Inspectorate (, if Client believes that, in accordance with applicable regulatory enactments, processing of his Personal Data violates his rights and interests.


8. Contact information and order of consideration of applications

Client has rights to apply to Ltd “DLV” due to arising issues, recall of consent, requests, use of rights of subjects data and complaints about processing of Personal Data. Contact information of Ltd “DLV” is available at:, please leave a note "Data Processing Specialist".


9. Validity of changes in Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Clients is available in gaming halls of Ltd “DLV” and on the website: Ltd “DLV” has rights to unilaterally change Privacy Policy in compliance with applicable regulatory enactments by notifying Client about relevant changes in gaming halls of Ltd “DLV” and on the website:, by mail, by e-mail or in another way (for example, in the media).