General Terms

Terms and Conditions of using WinGuru (


General Terms


Registration and Profile details


Deposits and Withdrawals


1. General Terms


1.1. Totalizator Organizer (hereinafter – „Organizer”) is SIA „DLV” (Reg. Num.: 40003227719; address: Kridenera dambis 9, Riga, Latvija, LV-1019; phone: +37167145020; fax: +37167112055; e-mail: [email protected]. The Organizer accepts bets on sports and events in advance with unknown result.


1.2. General terms:


1.2.1. Member (hereinafter “Client”) – the contractor, who made the bet on Client- is the only person that is responsible for all bets. After Client has made bet and Organizer has confirmed it, the Client cannot change or cancel it.


1.2.2. Bet – is part of the game, which outcome depends on will event, on which Client has putted bet, appears or not; this events should be out from Organizer’s control; winning depends on is bet right or not; amount of the winning depends on bet’s amount and odd, which were known before making a bet ( Lotteries and gambling law “Totalizator”).


1.2.3. Client’s Profile – (hereinafter – profile) – after registration created forbidden entrance (username and password), that provides client authentication and the ability to use the services of . The Client is responsible for the storage information about the profiles. Any action by the Client in the profile, which confirmed with username and password, are considered conscious and legitimate.


1.2.4. Virtual Wallet (hereinafter “Wallet”) – is part of the profile for deposits and withdrawals, for bets and winning.


1.2.5. Odd (hereinafter “o=”) is the magnitude by which bet will be multiplied if Client makes exact prediction.


1.2.6. Deposit – amount, which is transferred by Client on Organizer’s bank account to field the Wallet.


1.2.7. Withdrawal- deposit and / or part of win payout from wallet to your bank account.


1.2.8. Bet’s limit – maximal possible bet for outcome.


1.2.9. Totalizator - game in which player makes a bet on possible result of sports game or any other event, which result can be predicted. The winning in betting depends on the fact whether the player has predicted result matches the actual, documentary proved facts.


1.2.10. Betting – an agreement concluded between the Organizer and the Client, where the subject of the contract is considered to be bet, which was made by Client, according to which the losing side perform its obligations. For Client it means to lose the amount of bet, and for Organizer it means to pay bet winnings. Bets are made on Organizer proposed conditions.


1.2.11. Bet amount – amount of money, which guarantees the fulfilment of obligations of Client to Organizer, paid as fee for participation in the game in which the outcome is predicted (the result) of one or more events.


1.2.12. Outcome – sport or other event result, for which the Organizer grants an odd of winning and on which bet was concluded.


1.2.13. Offer – list of events with odd on outcome, which offers Organizer.


1.2.14. Events – sport, political and entertainment events with unknown results that occur in real life, and for which Organizer offers odd.


1.2.15. Bets return – a win that are calculated with coefficient 1.


1.2.16. Live bets –bets which are made and which can be made only at the time of a certain event occurs. Odds can be changed constantly according the situation.


1.3. Bets offers on sport, political or entertainment events are available on Organizer’s home page


1.4. Every days offers selection or constantly refreshed.


1.5. The rules about totalizator and betting are described on the


1.6. Organizer accepts bets on sports, political and entertainment events. All bets are accepted, based on the existing rules, and bets confirmation means that the Clients has read and agree with rules.


1.7. Terms and Conditions are publicised in several languages to make them more understandable for players. Terms and Conditions only on Latvian language have legal basis in relationships between Client and Organizer. In any confusion or misunderstanding case, if translation in several languages has little difference from Latvian language version, correct version of Terms and Conditions always will be Latvian language version, which is supervised and accepted by Latvia Republic Lottery and Gambling Supervisory Inspection (hereinafter – LGSI).


1.8. Organizer is not responsible for any loses or damages what can happened with Client due to force majeure, power failure, telecom service or network performance problems or breaks or any other sides’ delays. In this case, Organizer can stop or hold services supply, without taken any responsibility.  Organizer is not responsible for devices or software operating problems, which can harm gambling services operation, hold betting and bets results registration, or forbid Client to contact with Organizer.


1.9. Organizer is operating under Latvian Republic legislation and all disputed questions will be resolved according to Latvian Republic laws and regulations.


1.10. The complaints and claims are accepted only in writing within 30 days from the moment of making a bet. The complaints and claims shall be sent to the Organizer e-mail: [email protected]. The complaints will be reviewed, and answers provided within 10 working days after their reception.


1.11. Organizer’s operations accordance to legislation of LR is supervised by Latvia Republic Lottery and Gambling Supervisory Inspection, which is located in: 33 Brivibas Street (4th flour), Riga, LV-1010,


1.12. If any of these Terms is found to be illegal or unenforceable, such provision should be identified separately from these Terms and the remaining provisions should remain in force.


2. Registration and Profile details


2.1. Organizer’s services can be used only by registered Users


2.2. During registration, Client opens Client’s profile. Only Client can open Client’s profile and it will be opened till it will be closed after Client’s will or Organizer’s initiative. If Client wants to close his profile, he should send request to Organizer.


2.3. During registration, Client should specify following information:


2.3.1. First name;


2.3.2. Last name;


2.3.3. Date of birth;


2.3.4. Personal ID;


2.3.5. Address;


2.3.6. Bank account information;


2.3.7. Valid e-mail address;


2.3.8. Contact number;


2.3.9. Username and password;


2.3.10. Agreement that Client has read, understood and agree with WinGuru General Terms and Conditions.


2.3.11. Confirmation that Client is over 18 years of age.


2.3.12. Maximal bet amount and maximal daily bet amount.


2.4. According to legislation of Latvian Republic, Organizer should do Client’s verification. Organizer in every moment can ask to send copies of personal identification document. During registration, Organizer will make sure that person not included in excluded gamblers register. All information will be stored at Organizer’s server according to Latvian Republic laws and regulations, and will not be shared with third persons.


2.5. Registration process may take about 3 working days.


2.6. After registration on WinGuru website, will be opened Client’s profile, in which bets and winnings will be in EUR.


2.7. Client’s profile is personal and only owner of profile has rights to log in and use it. Organizer is not responsible if Client’s profile is abusing by third persons. Client should ensure his username’s and password’s confidentiality.


2.8. Organizer is not responsible if Client’s profile is abusing by third persons. Client should store his username and password carefully and should not let other person to use this information. All made bets, which are made after passwords check, will be counted off from Client’s profile. If Client has any suspicions that his username and password became available to other person, Client should immediately inform Organizer about that. New safety data will be given to Client. Passwords and usernames loss or publication cannot be the reason for registered bets cancellation.


2.9. Bets cannot be made by another person. Organizer has rights to cancel bets that are made by other person.


2.10. One person can have only one profile. If Client used more than one profile to avoid Terms and Conditions and/or to exceed limits, Organizer has rights to cancel all bets that are exceeding limits, and can reduce Client’s limits. If this will appear one more time, Organizer can cancel all other Client’s bets. Organizer has rights to close duplicated profiles. In this case, all Client’s data will be transferred to his older profile. If it is determined that Client has more than one profile and has made the identical bets, Organizer can cancel all Client’s rights that are provided in Terms and Conditions, and confiscate winnings or cancel all Client’s bets (even completed).


2.11. Client is responsible for correct personal and contact data (name, address, contact number, e-mail address etc.). Organizer has rights to ask for more information even after Client’s registration to prevent profile, credit card, bank or digital wallet account abuse, or unauthorized use. If it is found that profile was opened using false personal data, all bets and all received winnings will be canceled, deposit will be returned and Client’s profile will be closed. After Latvian Republic legislation, false personal data use is criminal offense and such offenses will be submitted to police.


2.12. Organizer has rights to refuse new Client registration or close profile, without any explanation.


2.13. Only 18 years old persons can open profile.


2.14. Every household can have only one profile. Organizer should be informed if in one household is two or more profiles.


2.15. Several Client’s profile holders, which are relatives and/or live together, are not allowed to make bets on the same events to avoid Terms and Conditions and/or exceed limits. Organizer has rights to cancel all bets that exceed limits, and to reduce Client’s limits.


2.16. Organizer has rights to close Client’s profile, if it is found program betting or betting robot activity.


2.17. Client should ensure that all legal requirements in any jurisdiction that applies to fact that Client uses Organizer’s services, are observed. If Client leaves in country, where interactive gambling is forbidden, he cannot register and use Organizer’s services.


2.18. Organizer guaranties all Client’s registered data privacy and is committing to protect Client’s personal data according to data protection laws and regulations.


3. Deposits and Withdrawals


3.1 Participation of minors in offered on this website activities is prohibited

3.2 Cardholder's responsibility to know the laws concerning online gambling in his or her country of domicile

3.3 Internet gambling may be illegal in the jurisdiction in which you are located; if so, you are not authorized to use your payment card to complete this transaction

3.4 Client can make deposit only on his profile and only on its own behalf. For example, with credit card which is issued on Client’s name, or with bank account, which is issued on Client’s name.


3.5. To make deposit Client should:


3.5.1. Log in on WinGuru website with his username and password;


3.5.2. Enter “My Profile” section;


3.5.3. Enter “Deposits” section and select Bank where Client has account;


3.5.4. At new browser’s window enter to own internet banking and make “Domestic payment” on Organizer’s requisites.


3.5.5. After successful payment trough Client’s internet banking, turn back to “My Profile” and press “Request to replenish Your deposit” which is below Organizer’s requisites, and enter deposit’s amount, confirm it.


3.6. Client pays bank commission for money transfer to Organizer’s bank account.


3.7. Client’s profile wallet will be supplement only after Organizer receipt money on his bank account and after have checked that deposit was made using on Client’s name registered bank account.


3.8. Deposit can be refused if:


3.8.1. Money is transferred from other Client’s bank account (except first deposit after registration);


3.8.2. Money is transferred from other person’s bank account;


3.8.3. Deposit exceeds limits of these Regulations;


3.8.4. In “Request to replenish your deposit” is specified different money amount as was transferred.


3.9. Deposit’s process can take 5 work days.


3.10. All bets will be counted off Client’s wallet and all wins will be counted in Client’s wallet. After Client’s request his wallet’s money withdrawal is made on his bank account, from which he makes deposits.


3.11. Betting with negative balance is not allowed (in credit). However, if there is registered wrong result and Client’s wallet is credited by mistake, Organizer have rights to debit Client’s wallet. If after correction wallet has negative balance (if Client has made bets with this money), Clients is responsible to pay back money amount that was got by mistake.


3.12. If, for some reasons Client’s profile is annulled, all undisputable funds, which were in Client’s wallet, will pay out to Client and after that all relationships between Client and Organizer are finished. Other funds, which are disputable, are frozen in Client’s wallet until investigation of fund’s origin will be finished.


3.13. To control spending or in gambling addition cases Client can contact Organizer and ask to deny himself to use WinGuru site services. According to Client’s request, Organizer will block Client’s profile on specified period or exclude him from gamblers register forever. If request to exclude him from gamblers register is received, Client should withdrawal all his money from WinGuru sites wallet.


3.14. Maximal bet amount is 1000 EUR. Maximal deposit amount during 24 hours is 7500 EUR.


3.15. Minimal deposit amount is 0.01 EUR.


3.16. Maximal one withdrawal amount is 7000 EUR.


3.17. Minimal one withdrawal amount is 5 EUR.


3.18. Client can request only one p. 3.10. withdrawal during 24 hours.


3.16. Bank commission for p. 3.10. withdrawal is paid by Organizer.


3.17. Withdrawal process can take 5 work days.


3.18. Bank commission for money return in p. 3.8. cases is paid by Client.