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Cookie Policy in Ltd. “DLV”


In this cookie policy are described how Ltd. “DLV”, reg. Nr.40003227719, address: Krīdenera dambis 9, Rīga, LV-1019 (hereinafter – Organizer) website and other Organizer’s websites, uses cookies. In Cookie Policy are specified cookies using objectives and user rights to change cookies using according to it needs.


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Cookies types and objectives of their use


Cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user's device (computer, mobile phone, tablet) by user's web browser (for example, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc) while user is browsing. With cookies website can save individual user settings, identify them and react accordingly.


Depending on functions and objectives, Organizer uses:


- technically or necessary cookie (this cookie is set automatically, without this cookie website cannot work properly, for example, to bring you needed information)


- analytic cookie ( this type of cookie summarize information about how you use the site, ascertain more frequently visited sections, including content that you choose when browsing the site. Information is used for general analysis objectives in order to find out what the users of the site are interested in, and in order to improve functionality of the site, make it more convenient to use. In some cases, some analytical cookies on Organizer's website, in accordance with objectives of Organizer, are managed by third parties, for example, Google Analytics cookies created in Google Inc., whose objectives are to improve the quality of content of the site and adapt content to user's needs. . For more information about the Google Analytics service policies, please visit


Organizer commonly uses cookies for following objectives:


1. for identification - cookies that provide for user's recognition and safer use of the site;


2. provision and maintenance of service – cookies that are functionally maintained to ensure services provided by Organizer;


3. website security and service integration – cookies that help to improve provided services and strengthen security of website;


4. statistics and analysis of use – cookies that provides information about how often are Organizer’s websites in use, which users groups uses  website and which tools are in use. Cookies statistics can be used from partners public sites;


5. services offer and your needs analyses – cookie that shows offers, that are based on your needs. On Organizer’s websites can be used third parties cookies information. User also can see relevant offers on partners internet sources.


User’s rights to change cookies using


For using cookies on Organizer’s websites and safe data processing is responsible Organizer. If you do not want to use cookies on your devices, you can change browser security settings at any time (security settings must be changed separately in each browser). Organizer informs, that without permission to use cookies you may not get all Organizer’s online services. If you have any questions or suggestions, we suggest to contact us using e-mail: [email protected].